Seriously interesting, the preservation process.  How would it feel I wonder to say that you have touched a document that is over 700 years old, or for the guy who actually OWNS a copy of the Magna Carta.

"Yea so I have a boat, and 4 houses and also one of the documents that served as a structural influence for the Constitution and whatever."


The newly conserved and re-encased Magna Carta goes back on public display at the National Archives today!

And see this other PreserveArchives post on why & how the U.S. National Archives has a copy of this British document.


Treating the 1297 Magna Carta

Conservation at the National Archives is pretty amazing. Can you imagine treating one of the most important documents in world history? Not only have our conservators worked on the Charters of Freedom, but recently they turned their attention to the 1297 Rubenstein Magna Carta. Treatment was one phase of a major project leading to its encasement and public display.

This video shows a behind-the-scenes look at the treatment and encasement of this milestone document.